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Children’s Eye Exams

An Eye Exam Your Kids Will Love

The Basics of Children’s Eye Care

Children’s bodies are constantly changing, and so are their eyes. A Canadian Association of Optometrists’ report revealed that one in four school children experience problems with their vision. However, children often adapt to their vision difficulties without being aware of them, and may give no indication that they are experiencing trouble seeing clearly.

Regular eye exams are as important as health and dental exams. At Eye Effects, your child will see an Optometrist who is experienced in examining kids and educating them about healthy vision.

The Link Between Vision and Learning

A child’s vision affects everything they do. Fine and gross motor coordination rely on clear vision and eyes that work well in tandem.

The ability to see and process visual information is crucial for learning new skills and information. In particular, vision difficulties can affect a child’s ability to learn to read, which can impact them in every aspect of their schooling.

Delays in learning and development can affect confidence, self-esteem and academic ability throughout a child’s school years.

Important Information About Children’s Eye Exams:

How Often Should My Child Have an Exam?

Only an examining Optometrist can offer specific recommendations. However, the CAO has published general guidelines for low-risk children:

  • Infants and Toddlers (birth to 2 years) – Infants and toddlers should undergo an eye examination before 9 months of age.
  • Preschool Children (2 to 5 years) – Preschool aged children should receive a second examination before the age of 5.
  • School Age Children (6 to 19 years) – School aged children should receive annual eye examinations.
Why Are Eye Exams So Important?

Many children have subtle vision problems that are not readily apparent but may cause a delay in the development of basic skills. They may have trouble with hand-eye coordination, far away vision, close up vision, side or peripheral vision, or focusing on objects.

Early Detection Is Key

Because a child’s eyes change so quickly, early intervention is essential but also effective. It is particularly important to address vision problems that can delay cognitive and motor development.

We’ll test your child’s peripheral (side) vision, hand-eye coordination, color vision, far away and close up vision, and ability to focus on and track objects.

Eye Care Is Fun and Fascinating

Kids love our friendly staff and fascinating equipment. Our technicians and Optometrists know how to put them at ease and they love learning about how their eyes work.

Once the exam is complete, you and your child can try out our inventory of fun, fashionable frames to find a pair of glasses that suits their own individual style.

Our Comprehensive Children’s Eye Exam

At Eye Effects we care about more than just perfect vision. We offer a full panel of tests using the most up-to-date equipment so you can be sure your child’s vision and health are properly assessed and cared for.

Visual Acuity Test

This test will assess the sharpness of your child’s vision and will check for signs of color blindness.


The Optometrist will use a phoropter, which has a series of different lenses, to verify your child’s exact prescription.

Glaucoma Test

Even children can suffer from glaucoma. We’ll test the pressure of your child’s eye to rule out this concern.

Contact Lens Fitting

If your child currently wears contacts, we’ll evaluate them for fit and clarity. If they would like to begin, we can schedule an appointment with our specialized contact lens technician.

Cover Test

This simple test can reveal signs of strabismus or binocular vision problems that may cause eyestrain or amblyopia, more commonly known as “lazy eye”.


This test helps the Optometrist to determine the lens power necessary for light to focus accurately on the retina. It is a useful tool in verifying a child’s eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

Pupil Dilation

The Optometrist may use eye drops to dilate your child’s pupils. This opens them up so the doctor can look for signs of disease on the back surface of the eye.

Dilation can last up to several hours, so we recommend you bring a pair of sunglasses for your child to wear after the examination.


This test is completed in a dimly lit room. Your child will focus on an object while the Optometrist flips a lens and shines a light at the eye. What the doctor sees will help them to create an accurate prescription.

Visual Field Test

This test can reveal dysfunction in the central and peripheral vision. It can also be used to screen for glaucoma, brain tumors, stroke or other neurological defects.

Slit-Lamp Examination

The Optometrist will shine a thin sheet of light into the eye and examine it with a biomicroscope. This test can assess the health of the eyelid, iris, conjunctiva, cornea, retina and natural crystalline lens

Commonly Asked Questions

How Long Does the Eye Exam Take

Preliminary testing and the exam itself may take up to an hour. If your child is interested in contact lenses, please let us know so we can book a separate consultation with our contact lens specialist.

When Should My Child See an Optometrist?

If your child is experiencing any headaches, eye pain, redness, unusual floaters or excessive blinking or squinting, please make an appointment to see us as soon as possible. Otherwise, children should receive an eye exam annually to assess vision and rule out health concerns.

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