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Laser Surgery Consultation and Referral

Looking for the Right LASIK Eye Surgeon for You?

Pre to Post Operative Consultation

We have extensive experience with laser vision correction and with LASIK specifically.

While proven to be safe and effective, LASIK is still a considerable decision and should be made with confidence. We invite you to ask your Optometrist any questions you may have.

Eye Health Exam & LASIK Evaluation

To begin the process of LASIK, the initial step is an all-inclusive eye health assessment. When booking your appointment, make sure to inform us that the purpose is LASIK consultation and referral.

When you come in for the appointment, our Optometrists will examine your eyes’ ocular surfaces in addition to the overall health of these parts in order to decide whether or not corrective surgery is an appropriate option for you.

After we make that determination, we will explain the procedure’s objectives and probable outcome so that you can make an informed decision. If you elect to go ahead with the surgery, we will refer you to a local ophthalmologist.

Important Information to Know About LASIK:

What are the advantages of LASIK?

Some of the individuals who can benefit from LASIK include those who have worn vision correctors such as contact lenses or glasses for a long time, those who participate in athletic activities, and people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

In addition, the results of laser vision correction is enduring in the majority of cases, enabling you to experience the pleasure of near-perfect eyesight for the duration of your lifetime.

How long does LASIK take?

Each eye will take less than 10 minutes to correct, although depending on your prescription and the totality of adjustment required, the laser may need as little as 20 to 50 seconds for a complete change. The entire process can take up to two hours.

Post-operative Care & Follow-Up

Subsequent to surgery, Eye Effects will set up a series of Optometrist appointments necessary for follow up, appraisal of your vision and the healing process. Any further post-operative needs can also be handled herein, including reading glasses, sunglasses, eye drops and treatment for dry eye.

The procedure of LASIK is very safe and undergone by countless patients worldwide everyday. While not everyone is an ideal candidate for this surgery, your Optometrist can make the determination on whether it is appropriate in your situation.

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