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Your Eye Health Articles

Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is a laser-involved refractive surgery used for the treatment of various eye conditions, among them astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. It is often used to correct common eye problems and reduce a patient’s reliance on glasses or contact lenses. Lasik surgery is fast and minimally invasive. If you undergo…

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Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

Hyperopia, or farsightedness, is a common eye condition that is typically uncovered during routine eye exams. Those suffering from hyperopia tend to have trouble clearly seeing objects close to them, however they are generally able to see items further in the distance clearly and without squinting. Hyperopia occurs when light…

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Glaucoma is a potentially serious eye condition that negatively affects the optic nerve within the eye. Over time, glaucoma can worsen and lead to a range of associated problems including vision loss and even blindness. Particularly common in those over the age of 40 or those who suffer from diabetes…

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Eye Floaters & Flashes

Eye floaters are small, pesky particles that can make their way into the fluid of your eye, affecting your vision. Commonly caused by eye trauma and increasingly common among older populations because of natural tissue degeneration that occurs eye over time, floaters are more of a nuisance than anything and…

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Dry Eye

Dry eyes are a common problem in many adults. Many Canadians simply put up with the symptoms or attempt to treat it with ineffective over-the-counter artificial tears. When you discuss your issues with your eye doctor, along with your health history, you can find an effective remedy to alleviate the…

Published: 2015-12-15Read Article
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