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Lasik Surgery

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Lasik surgery is a laser-involved refractive surgery used for the treatment of various eye conditions, among them astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. It is often used to correct common eye problems and reduce a patient’s reliance on glasses or contact lenses.
Lasik surgery is fast and minimally invasive. If you undergo Lasik surgery, your ophthalmologist will formulate a thin flap in the cornea of your eye, which will then be folded so that he or she can effectively reconstruct the tissue underneath using a laser. The thin flap your ophthalmologist creates is then reshaped to allow your cornea to better focus light on your retina, therefore improving overall vision. Your eye will then heal during the postoperative stage, and most patients experience noticeable results almost immediately.

Written by Dr. Rod Adams

Dr. Rod Adams is a graduate of the University of Alberta and the University of California at Berkeley School of Optometry. Dr. Adams has been in private family practice since 1997. During this time, he has developed a strong interest in pediatric optometry and laser corrective surgery options.
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